Payment Plans

Our Payment Plans run alongside our Legal Aid Contract as part of our commitment to provide legal services to the community at an affordable cost.  If after assessment we find that you are not eligible for legal aid we can provide two options to make our legal services available to all:-

Fixed Fee Payment Plan

Our Fixed Fee Payment Plan (FFPP) enables you to agree a financial arrangement, from the outset, that best suits your means.  Some clients choose to pay the majority of the balance up front whereas others prefer a set monthly payment.  We can set up standing order that will suit your means.  Whatever your circumstances we can tailor it to suit you.

Pay as you Go

Our Pay as you Go (PGP) enables you to pay for your services in blocks or at completion of each individual stage.  You will liaise with your Solicitor and create a plan that will suit both your needs and your circumstances.   

For further information on either of the above options please contact us: