Wills and Care Home Fees

There are various scenarios you may find you or your family caught in in respect to Care Home fees.  Hardings Solicitors take both a pre-emptive and proactive approach.

If you are concerned about care home costs you could consider using your Will to safeguard a proportion of the value of your home.  This can be part of an overall strategy for you and your family to protect your assets.  If you own your home jointly, one solution would be to sever the joint tenancy so that you own your home as ‘tenants in common’ rather than as joint tenants’.  This means that when one of the joint owners dies they will own a share in the property which can be left to someone other than the remaining owner under their Will.  This would be supplemented by creating a ‘life interest’ clause in your Will thus protecting each other’s right to continue to live in the home.  This would ensure that unless you both went into care that at least half of the value of your home would pass to your chosen beneficiaries and should not be used to pay for your care.

Just because a person is unable to manage on their own does not instantly mean they have to move into care.  The local authority can be contacted with a proposal to provide a residential care package.  The package itself is subject to financial eligibility.  If you are liable for payment, an application can be made for ‘Attendance Allowance’.  This is paid at 2 different rates and how much you receive is dependent upon level of care required.  We are able to advise on this if and when required.

Our Hardings Solicitors Guarantee:-

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Home Visits (if required)
  • A Personal Service by Specialist Solicitor
  • Affordable ‘Fixed Fee Service’
  • Discount on Will Services when instructing us in any other matter


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