Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnerships provide same sex couples the opportunity to formalise their relationship and give each partner certain rights, in the same way marriage does.

Some examples of rights enjoyed by civil partners are:-

  • If your civil partner dies intestate (i.e. without leaving a Will) you will be entitled to a share in their estate;
  • Civil partnerships are treated in the same way as married couples for tax purposes: there is no inheritance tax payable on gifts in Wills to civil partners, and no capital gains tax on a transfer of assets to your civil partner;
  • You will be entitled to the equivalent of a widow or widower's pension on your civil partner's death and the same state pension benefits as a spouse.;
  • You have rights on the breakdown of your civil partnership, just as you would do if you were married and divorcing. See our section entitled Relationship Breakdown and Separation for more details.

Pre-Registration Agreement

It is possible to protect your financial position before entering into a civil partnership by entering into a 'pre-registration agreement' much in the same way an individual would enter into a prenuptial agreement.

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